Tubing and Connectors

Our range of Tubing and Connectors are designed to be used for chemical analysis where inertness is a prime consideration. Fittings are either screw connections made of PTFE, PVDF or PEEK or push on connections are Santoprene™ or Viton with PEEK barb connectors. Common sizes are ‘1/4-28, 10/32 and 1/8th Fittings. Tubing sizes are mainly 0.8mm ID (1/32) and 1.6mm ID (1/16). Specifically, for Tablet Dissolution testing, these tubing can either be supplied with 1/4-28 both ends or with 1/4-28 one end and M6 the other and are colour coded (IUPAC). Bundled tubing are supplied in spiral wrap and terminated with Polypropylene connectors with 316 Stainless washers. M6 connections for Flow Cell Tubing have an additional Viton washer after the 316 SS. We also offer specially designed coiled tubing for use with Diluter Dispensers for sample preparation.

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