Seeking New Distributors

Automated Lab Systems has been experiencing steady growth in the last few years so are now looking to extend our distributor network. Our distributors work in partnership with us to provide the best service to their customers. They will normally already be working in the pharmaceutical area and have complementary products in their portfolio. Our existing distributors are all small to medium sized businesses with an IT infrastructure that can offer technical support for our automated systems.

See our existing distributor network on the contact page.

ALS includes a new cleaning function in its IDIS software that allows unique cleaning cycles to be dynamically configured to suit each customer requirements. Different media can be configured for cleaning, with variable pumping times in any direction (to and from the bath). These sequences are interactive with user prompts and with bath head and sampling cannula positioning and stirring. Cleaning sequences can also be designed and added after pH or Media Change.

ALS is one of the first companies to automate and streamline the USP Acceptance Compliance Specification for 12/24 samples. One of our objectives of keeping functionality in line with pharmacopoeia regulations has also given rise to PVT testing of Dissolution Baths.

Companies can select from Oracle, My SQL or SQL Server databases for storing, searching and loading records. Using a single networked database, IDIS results can be accessed from any workstation at multiple sites (LAN, WAN connectivity).

New Beijing Office – A joint partnership with a local Chinese company opens our new office in Beijing for sales promotion and after sales support. We now have 10 sales, 8 support personnel and 20 distributors for ALS automated products in China.

ALS introduces new features in IDIS software to allow measurements for Content Uniformity and Assay; providing validated sequences for measurement and calculations. A new unique Sipper feature for peristaltic pumps allow these pumps to be configured, calibrated to pump in volumes thus making it easy to aspirate samples, standards and blank for measuring.

The world’s first automated HPLC dissolution system with sample preparation was launched; automating collection, preparation and measurement of samples for HPLC (also UV-Visible spectrophotometry) detection.

Another unique innovation, we introduced automation to perform pH Titration and pH monitoring in each dissolution vessel. Using a specially designed pH Multiplexer to monitor multiple electrodes, it is now possible to target a set pH in each vessel while at the same time adding fix media volumes to design special profiles.

ALS launched its first 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Tablet Dissolution system with networking capability. A common database (based on Raima™ Data Manager) provided access to methods and data records from any workstation. Signature Tracking was also incorporated to realise a seamless implementation for electronic signing.

We were the first company to develop functionality in our dissolution systems for “Cell Grouping”, allowing grouping of samples for Method Development and Product Comparison.

ALS launched its first automated Dissolution system with a relational database using Btrieve for fast data retrieval. It provided users with multiple relational fields (Product name, User name, Batch ID, Date & Time etc.) to locate and load records.
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