Tablet Dissolution Testing

Automation of testing of Tablets, Capsules and other solid dosage forms according to USP Method 1 and 2 USP <711/724>, EP(European Pharmacopeia) 2.9.3/4> JP(Japanese Pharmacopeia). Consists of a Dissolution Bath, Pump and Spectrophotometer and is controlled by our IDISis software.

Content Uniformity

Uniformity of Content and Assay is a pharmaceutical analysis technique for the quality control of hard shell gelatin capsules or tablets. The test for Content Uniformity is required for Coated Tablets, Transdermal systems, Suspensions, Inhalations, Solids and Suppositories etc. It is performed using 10 or 20 Tablets. The solid dosage are dissolved in a solvent then filtered. The filtrate is loaded onto our ASP2000 Workstation where the samples can be further diluted, treated and measured on UV or HPLC. Can be used for UV or HPLC Chromatography Data System detection.

Sample Preparation and Dispensing

Sample preparation and dispensing is one of the most time consuming and labour  intensive areas of any laboratory. Automating this area can release valuable staff to concentrate on results rather than preparation. The ALS automated sample preparation and dispensing solution is a must for any testing laboratory. It offers flexibility, compatibility and infinitely variable parameters.

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Waste and Environmental Analysis

The ASP2000 Workstation can be combined with a UV to determine various metals such as Iron, Copper, Cobalt etc. and organic contaminants such as Trinitro-Compounds.

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