The Dual probe Workstation automates tedious and error prone steps for sample collection and preparation for UV or HPLC analysis.

In Tablet Dissolution analysis, the ASP2000 dual probe be incorporated with the DXi-50 Single Channel and Dxi-80 8 Channel Diluter Dispenser for collecting samples from dissolution testers, diluting the samples, adding Reagents and measurement using UV or HPLC detection.

  • Automates the most tedious sample preparation steps
  • Connects to UV or HPLC to measure sample with no manual sample transfer
  • Calculate and produce results in real time with IDIS software
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Minimise variability between analysis
  • Less solvent usage and lower running costs
  • Reduces the need for costly retesting
  • Reduce health risks to solvent exposure




FunctionRange Value
External Control: RS232, TCP/IP
Output Control Option:2 x SPCO Relays
  • Rated
1A @ 24 V, DC 1/2A @ 50 V, AC
Overall Dimensions:
·         Width550mm
·         Depth670mm
·         Height460mm
Usable Area:
·         Depth340mm
·         Width530mm
·         Height1400mm
Probe 1 Single needle
Probe 28 Multiple Needle
Travel Speeds
  • X Direction
2 to 180mm Sec-1
  • Y1 Direction
3 to 180mm Sec-1
  • Y 2Direction
3 to 180mm Sec-1
  • Z1 Direction
5 to 200mm Sec-1
  • Z2 Direction
5 to 200mm Sec-1
Precision+ 0.01mm on all Axis
  • X and Y axis
  • Z axis
Power Requirements100-240V AC,


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