IDIS Networking Solution Maximizes Efficiencies

UK | January 13/22 | Automated Lab Systems announces IDIS Data Management Software advanced networking capabilities. Having seen how crucial digital connection is to the modern world today, Automated Lab Systems has adopted IDIS software with Domain Authentication to propel it into an industry leader position for tablet dissolution automation and networking. The company recognizes that it was these kinds of tools that have helped it not only to survive the current climate, but to thrive and develop, discovering new ways of working and supporting customers.

Implementing IDIS networking allows for the full automation of the collection, processing, measuring, results calculation and approval processes to be centralized on a server (managed by Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL database) and to be remotely accessed by analysts and managers alike. There’s no unnecessary travel, as analyses preformed in laboratories can be accessed remotely from any workstation connected to the database on the customer’s server. Critical decision making has never been easier. Moreover, network workstations never lose data when there’s a network disconnection thanks to the company’s Fault Tolerant database technology.

“It’s incredibly exciting,” says Keith Wilkinson “I think this is probably always where our industry was heading but I’m very proud we got here so fast. Being connected like this saves time, travel and money. Especially in today’s climate, networking just offers the kind of advantages we can’t ignore. It really is a win-win-win situation.”

In combining IDIS with the power of Networking, the company has focused on ensuring:

  • Management of Records are stored in a central and secure SQL Database managed by either SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL.
  • Results and Raw Data are available remotely from laboratories in real time from all workstations, for review and approval.
  • A Centralized Management of Groups, Users and Permissions.
  • Integration with Active Directory (LDAP).
  • Integration with LIMS with comprehensive meta data available, not just dissolution results.
  • Resilient Fault Tolerant database in the event of network disconnection.
  • Methodologies developed by one group / department can easily be shared with another group.

About Automated Lab Systems: Automated Lab Systems has more than 25 years experience in providing automation for tablet dissolution testing and innovative solutions for the management of laboratory dissolution systems and data.

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