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For anyone who wants to dispense reasonable quantities of samples quickly, accurately and easily this is one of the best systems on the market.

Dispensing & Filling Tube, Vial & Microtiter Plate with Reagents

Our ASP2000 XYZ sampler has been developed with new applications to fill tubes and microtiter plates with reagents. Dispensing is very fast as it’s performed simultaneously 8 at a time.

For microtiter plates, an 8-syringe diluter dispenser with accuracy better than 1% is used.



When larger volumes are required for tubes or vials, our 8-channel volumetric peristaltic pump can be used.

These systems can be supplied with a media switcher that allows self-priming and can dispense multiple reagents automatically.

Automatically priming and cleaning are easily configured using our IDIS software with traceable audit that shows whether the operation completed successfully.

These systems have numerous benefits…

  • Is easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Quick
  • Accurate
  • Self cleaning

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