CAT Metering Pump D100


Developed by engineering company, CAT has developed a valve less multichannel pumping system. Each channel is made of a single piece ceramic pump chamber, providing high accuracy at low and high flow rates and micro-piston are highly inert and are chemically resistant to all common used laboratory liquids, hence it is ideally suited to dissolution solvents such as dilute acids and buffer solutions.

Each pump head is driven by its own microprocessor controlled stepper motor providing high accuracy and making it easier to calibrate.

This pump is controlled by IDIS and provides accurate dispensing from sub ml min-1 to 100ml min-1.



No. of Pump Heads: 6 or 8

0Operating range:  100 µl/min up to 100 ml/min

Reproducibility:   < 0.5 %

Accuracy:   < 0.5 %

Max. backpressure:  < 5 bar, dependent on the type of pump head

Wetted Parts: Teflon or PEEK inserts, 99.7% Al2O3.

Power Requirements:  100-240Vac, 50-60 Hz


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